by Utopia Now

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released April 1, 2007




Utopia Now Berlin, Germany

Utopia Now started out in 2006 but had been known under the name Indigo since 2002, sharing the stage with bands such as Lagwagon, Anti Flag, A Wilhelm Scream, No Trigger, Good Clean Fun, Venerea and many more. However, the band was short-lived and split in 2007. Today the band lives on in the form of an online solo project by the band’s founder, singer, and songwriter, Stephan Serowy. ... more

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Track Name: Myopia

See, the giant never sleeps.
Concrete temples, crowded streets.
Silently poor Elpis weeps
amidst an old, inert, and dull parade of apathy.
Grey crossroads – battleground.
Worlds collide without a sound.
Slowly flows the lonely crowd
through the empty veins of black downtown.

So far from Utopia,
a dream, a cure, obstructed by myopia,
the fool leading the way.

Everything covered in dust
of aeons of routine and trust
in the world, the way it was,
but fantasy and dreams and visions crumble, turned to rust.
Oh, when will the wind come,
to churn the land and revive what’s numb,
so I won’t be the only one
to look past the skyline and see a rising sun.

So far from Utopia,
a dream, a cure, obstructed by myopia,
the fool leading the way.

Down in the canyons of dreamless charade
no thought ever rises beyond the urban shade,
and into the light of high spheres of ideals,
and onto the road to something surreal but close to Utopia.

Utopia... Now!
Track Name: Business suits and combat boots
Business suits, prostitutes, noble limousines,
signing papers, smiling brightly from the screens,
hands always manicured and clean,
because a gun you have never held, nor seen.
(If you want a war) go and fight it.
(If you want a fire) don’t deny it.
(Conscience starts) with an easy frown,
so take your ball point pen and lay it down.

Combat boots, turkey shoots, forebodings of death,
eternities in a trench, holding the breath,
hands shivering, clinging, trenched in red,
to the trigger, the only friend that’s left.
(Pity for you) tragically mislead.
(How does it feel?) life as a warhead.
(Your face shows) a constant frown,
so take your rifle and lay it… down!
Track Name: The meaning
A book of crimes and parabolic lines,
subliminal manipulation of a feeble mind.
A hope, a drill, a hypnotized-up will,
turns every-day coincidence into a waving sign.
Imagine a ship that’s horizon-bound,
a card-house built on earthquake-stricken ground.
It’s but a matter of time,
until its futileness must conquer a poisoned mind.

The intellect's tempestuous attacks,
a mighty weapon sabotaged by ignorance to facts.
The consequence of final cognizance:
The burden of creating meaning with your very hands.
So in every cloud there’s a face to be seen,
intelligent design behind every gene.
It’s but a matter of time
until its foolishness must conquer a poisoned mind.

Hope is talking to the ceiling.
Folded hands are searching for meaning
in a world so indefinite and meaningless.

And the void is everywhere.
The lack of guidance leaves us lone and bare.
Six billion children without a father's lap,
it's horror - it's freedom!
Track Name: Negations
A forked road - a signpost,
a beacon not so remote,
a backbone upheld by
a father's guiding hand.
Sounds nice and easy and oh so far from life.

A question - a direction,
a final destination,
a light in the darkness,
a compass through the maze.
The treasure reality, lost and out of sight.

Time to wake up
and to learn to walk on your own.
Time to smell the adventure you have never known.
A feeble human psyche clings to every chance
to reject responsibility and strife
by negations of life.

A tight ridge, a burned bridge,
no bypass around it.
No safe rope, only hope
and a sharpened mind.
Sounds harsh and trying but that's the beauty of life.


The whispers of reason, they all fade away unheard.
Like beasts and like babies we don't understand a word.
Led by instinct, blank fear, and longing for the womb,
it’s this life you entomb. Thus its potential will never bloom.
Track Name: What dies last
There is abundance of propensity towards shallowness around here.
And “here” is everywhere I go.
Wandering through the intellectual deserts of my time
where the flower of ideas will never grow.
Lost among these countless uninspired grains of sand
life is nothing but a long and lonely road.

So, everywhere I go I turn my face,
and can’t believe I’m one of the same race.
Feeling left alone and out of place
is everything but new these troubled days.

There is a loss of everything that makes us special and unique
and worthy of this pearl of life.
Wandering through the masses of hostile and lonely souls
cohesion and honesty are hard to find.
Lost among strangers in a chameleonic world,
life is nothing but a long and lonely grind.

So, everywhere I go I turn my face,
and can’t believe I’m one of the same race.
Feeling left alone and out of place,
is everything but new these troubled days.

Every social minute every day
is seasoned with discouraging dismay.
A family that’s long broken apart,
has left me with a bleeding social heart.
The deterioration of our state progresses fast,
but hope is what dies last…
Track Name: On a sinking ship
Here I contemplate
and wish that I could state
that I was free of doubt.
But there’s always been that vague idea
of something to worry about.
“It’ll work out somehow.”
that’s what other people say.
But look at us now;
is there a single careless day?

There are obvious conclusions
that are long time overdue,
but avoided by sad motives
and a deadly attitude.
I guess what we need
is a change of social paradigms,
but right now there’s greed,
ignorance and crimes.

Everyone’s laughing and drinking,
blind to the fact that we’re sinking.

Far from the docks
the crew fights over who is in command.
The cradle that rocks
is a coffin in the end, because…

Everyone’s laughing and drinking,
blind to the fact that we’re sinking.
On a one-way trip,
on a sinking ship…
Track Name: Hoping in vain
This is my home, the land without hope,
the land without rain,
the cradle of pain
where life rushes by like a delirious dream
to end prematurely and vain.

My parents died, my brothers are sick,
everywhere the desperate pray!
My neighbour cries, he implores the skies
“Let me live another day!”
but he`s crumbling…

I hear the stories about distant shores
where cultures prosper
and life lasts long,
where man has defeated the demon that kills
the strongest of the strong!

Well, could it be that they hold the key
to killing the hungry beast?
And do they not care, unwilling to share
and to end this bloody feast?
I don’t understand…

But I hope
one soon day they will come and safe us all.
They can`t ignore our collective call.
But somehow,
there`s a voice inside my brain that`s telling me,
I`m hoping in vain… hoping in vain.

So what is it?
Are we too poor,
too hard to find,
or too insignificant?
Tell me!
Are they too deaf,
are they too blind,
don`t they want to understand?
Why don`t they consider we’re human, too?
What must we pay to be?
And what about charity?
Track Name: Pain and regret
A dry and busy voice,
old familiar news,
another broken family,
another wasted youth.
And somewhere loud acclaim becomes silent maternal tragedy.

With mechanic pride
he gave his flag a kiss
and followed his king into
the ultimate human abyss.
But when he lost his legs, he also lost his simplicity.

But nothing comes for free; tell me:

Don`t you wonder why happiness has to burn
before a human being will ever learn?
We`re all heavily armed, and no one could harm
a one-man army equipped with eyes and a brain,
yet they prefer to learn from pain and regret.

A dark and dusty road,
the vision rendered blind,
with fire from all directions
even bullets from behind.
And the logic inside fails to uncloak the enemy.

It’s so shockingly timeless:
The ruthless are leading the mindless
and amputate our rationality.

We`re no longer free; tell me
Track Name: Pretenders' stage
Buried alive, ready to dive
into shallow water
while painting our lives
with the same set of colors.
It’s the freedom to be but yourself.
The more we try, the more we become someone else.
Someone else!

The masses proclaim they’re bucking the game,
yet the machine runs,
but insisting “I’m different”,
in safe unison.
It’s the freedom to take what you please.
The more we try, the more we learn to want what we receive.

Acting badly on this pretenders’ stage
we build our own cultural cage.
The air is filled with waving placards reading “freedom” and “resistance”,
but no one picks up the gage and works towards change.

Socio-culturally it’s a catastrophy.
Time for a Great Awakening and cataclysmic changes.
An ancient statue of gold, portioned, packed up and sold
as blueprints for uniqueness in our mass-marketing age.
In disgust I look down on what they made of this monument.
I shut down my senses to be only by myself.
Where will it all end?
Track Name: Helianthus
That's me,
looking at the city
from up on a hill,
with a never-ending headache,
loaded with disgust and will,
yet unable to abandon
this crowded, polluted bliss
and the air that feeds me.

That's me,
lying in the gutter,
looking at the stars
with a never-ending heartache,
some hope and a million scars,
yet unable to shake
ties of rapture, blood and hate
and the roots that feed me.

Autonomous and far away,
but at the center of it all,
in this sea of daisies
there is one sunflower standing tall.
We all need to understand
this conscious mind's predicament,
haunting questions like "Am I one of them?"

Some are free and uncontrolled,
but wilt alone out in the cold.
Others are protected and warm
like good mindless dogs.
The dark valley of low needs,
the foggy summit of grand deeds,
the flower grows but in between
where the sun can be seen.
Feeding on both
what we are and what we can be.
Track Name: Destroy me
Here I am kneeling in front of you,
see those tears, running down my cold face.
See that deep hole in my pain-swollen chest,
see my bleeding heart carry your name.
Go away!
I love you!
I hate you!
I`m dying inside;
how I hate to love you.
You are the poison that keeps me alive.
Save me with your loving smile.

You destroy me!

A corner of the room, I am crying alone,
as my head is about to explode.
One million memories, like rock-solid stones
torture me – an unbearable load.
Shut up!
Please talk to me!
Leave me alone!
Hold me!
My world has collapsed,
like all the lies that you told me.
My only self-defense : I hide in denial.
Save me with your loving smile.

You destroy me!

Now I`m sitting here, so desperate,
and I don`t know what to do,
cause my whole life plan was built upon
the sweet love of you.
Now the sky has turned into depressing grey.
I am speechless,
there`s only one thing left to say:

You destroy me!